Be the most client zealous company, ever.


Our clients will be empowered, with cutting edge tech and operational excellence, to getdone stuff so they can free up life. We will help build a world where any service, anywhere can be automagically handled on-demand. Getdone will be the world’s largest global service provider.


Omni excellence

We relentlessly seek and achieve excellence in everything we do. We are always pushing to improve every function and process within the organization. We recognize the peaks using the momentum to push to an even higher bar. Every time we feel that we are at a peak we celebrate the win, then push to raise the bar even higher.


We are obsessed with making the experience of getting stuff done a magical one. We will never stop improving the user experience with new tech and better operations. True magic is experienced when challenging jobs get done perfectly without exposing our clients to the technical and operational complexities of how it got done because the details, no matter how big or small are simply an illusion.


We rely on each other to deliver delightful experiences to our users. While each of us might focus on a different aspect of the business, we move together with hyper-awareness of the interdependency of each action we take. We build, grow, fail, and succeed, knowing that every action taken reverberates through the entire team.