About Getdone

Getdone is a tech company singularly focused on a vision is to be the most trusted partner for people looking to get things done, and free up their life. Getdone leverages the latest technologies to create seamless experiences and build connections to enable our clients to accomplish anything in a simple, cost-effective way.

In the near term, we’re focusing on the real estate space, capitalizing on our 15+ years of experience in property management of over 20,000 apartment units, providing better services and a more promising bottom line. Getdone enables our clients to scale, spending less time on small tasks and more time on their passions. We’re on track to quickly expand this vision, serving a global community by offering a simple, reliable path to accomplish any task. We’re building a world where any service, anywhere can be handled on-demand. Getdone will be the world’s largest global service provider.

Our Story

Getdone was founded by Peter L. Rex, the founder and CEO of Rex Teams, an organization of companies (i.e. Teams) - tech-driven, investment-focused, operationally intensive and or media related. Each Rex Team is marked by a distinctive ethos, leadership and industry focus. Yet all share a common Mission to Elevate Humanity, a Vision for creating a world where any person anywhere can rise up and live abundantly, and a Motto to find a way or make one.

Rex has a proven track record, turning a bootstrapped real estate investment business into a $1.5bn integrated investment and operations company with over 480 employees across the U.S., $135mm in annual revenue, $350mm of equity invested, and over $750mm in total cash distributed to investors.

In 2015, Rex embarked on an 18-month business investigation to understand how to apply his vision at the largest possible scale. He recognized the value that physically seeing local problems, opportunities, and cultural nuances would have in developing and executing a truly global strategy. His trip led him to 85 countries where he held over 1,000 meetings with leaders in business, non-profit, and government.

In 2017, Rex launched the first Rex Team technology company focusing on revolutionizing the “old economy” industries of real estate and construction.

The Rex Teams mandate is Apex. We are recreating the Earth. To start, we are building the world's largest economy. A place where the entire global workforce is empowered to find opportunity, build companies and realize daring dreams; with the ability to create abundance for their communities and themselves. A New Land of Opportunity.